Wild City #220: kSaya

Wild City #220: kSaya

6 January 2023

Whether collaborating with traditional Indian musicians or flipping Bollywood cuts, Shantanu Gursal aka kSaya's musical home is the frantic rhythm of the breakbeat – as he works as an Asian Underground revivalist over the past 2 years. It is no surprise then that the Mumbai act's Wild City mix comes replete with a near-constant underpinning of the iconic beat and its variations.

The selections remain far from the heavy onslaught of breakbeats' pacier sub-genres, instead embracing the pristine atmosphere of styles like slow garage and the more modern anthemic dance music takes by the likes of Bicep. The ethereal atmosphere remains the true defining feature of the mix as it opens up rhythmically with selections like Terry Da Libra's 'U' and 'Early Hours' by Fløa & Furcloud before plunging back into the grooves that kicked things off – this time emerging out of the focus on reverberating pads to lead with the emotionally direct vocals on a mix of 'My Stripes' by Marsh.

"This is an hour-long melodic breakbeat mix centred around the sounds of Braxton, Elderbrook, Marsh, and more. This genre has taken on a brand-new form thanks to Bicep and other artists that showcase its sweet side." - kSaya

Listen to the mix below and follow kSaya for more information.

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