Wild City #214: AAGUU

Wild City #214: AAGUU

25 August 2022

Aashish Gupta aka AAGUU, better known for his work as one-half of the duo TechNomads while erstwhile remixing Indian cinema undercuts, curates a love letter to the formative days of house and techno on his Wild City mix.

Assembling deep cuts and familiar sounds from primarily the early 90s, the Bangalore artist taps into the nostalgia for the joyous glossy strands of the two adjacent genres – hovering closer to their Italo-disco roots. High synthetic string lines, plastic-y melodic percussion, sensual vocal samples and flute sounds created in the early days of MIDI instruments take one on a trip down memory (whether lived or imagined) lane, punctuating it just occasionally with the more sombre acid house cuts. Even while throwing in more modern numbers like Ewan McVicar's 'Amnocairn', the connection to the classic evergreen sounds remains with its snappy house piano.

"Close your eyes // Open your heart // Breathe.
And again // And again.
Let your spirits be lifted, liberate you //
Become love // Stay blessed" – AAGUU

Listen to the mix below and follow AAGUU here.


Anjuna Feat. Cirillo - Anjuna's Dream (Magia Version)
Rossi - Rossi by Rossi (Rough Radio Mix)
Akumen - Bring It
Pervers Of Innocence Milan - The Analog Signal
Aldonna - Nights In Shizuoka
Alex Neri - The Wizard (Club Mix)
Anderson - proggyhouserevivaltuna
Man/ipulate - Eternity (Alex Kassian's Ode To Sunshine Mix)
Brain De Palma - O.W.D. Once Were Dancers
Bwi-Bwi - Wet Wax
Ewan McVicar - Amnocairn
Capricorn - Love In London (Piano Mix)




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