Wild City Singled Out: July 2016

11 August 2016

Wild City handpicks the most interesting one-off singles released by artists in South-Asia in our monthly feature - Singled Out. If you’d like us to listen to your music, send the relevant info to music@thewildcity.com or contact us privately on SoundCloud.

‘Kya Farak Padega’ by Peter Cat Recording Co.

PCRC are coming out with new tunes from their back catalogue in Transmissions, and ‘Kya Farak Padega’ was one of the three new tracks to be released in the past month under the banner. Tragic, romantic Hindi lyrics are vocalised by Suryakant Sawhney who croons over evocative folk-inspired strings and harmonica. There’s something intriguingly old-school about it that keeps pulling us back…

‘vi’ by Headaches Remixed by Sparkle and Fade

Also featured in our last edition of Singled Out, Sparkle and Fade release their uptempo rendition of ‘vi’ by Texas based producer Headaches from their album Aluphor. The original is a living, breathing ambient track that inspires the wonderful feeling of isolated vastness normally associated with the Explosions In The Sky/God is an Astronaut variety of post rock. Sparkle and Fade’s remix doesn’t really alter the original in any significant way, apart from adding a fair bit of percussion and upping the tempo i.e. (we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again) what’s the point of a remix if it doesn’t really sound all that different?


Pay attention to the title of the track and you’ll get an idea of the moods DISQUIET is trying to convey 'insatiable, unwavering and merciless power'. This is a minute and a half of abrasive, experimental, distorted noise and layers of texture meant to make you uncomfortable. Honestly though, we’d be happy to listen to 6 more minutes of it, there’s something raw and primitive in there we can't quite place our finger on.

‘Lith (Ascension)’ by Alien Panda Jury

There’s a reason why Daniel Arthur Panjwaneey is considered to be one of the most talented producers from Pakistan. The Karachi native released a dreamy, evocative new tune last month that’s definitely worth a listen. His production is always intricate and multi-layered even if his compisitions (particuarly in this case) are a bit simplistic.

‘It's All Right’ by GRAIN feat. Karsh Kale Remixed By OX7GEN

Mumbai drummer Aditya Ashok a.k.a. OX7GEN has put out a remix of GRAIN’S ‘It’s All Right’ Feat. Karsh Kale. Again, we’re not quite sure what the reasoning behind remixing this was; it didn’t really do much for us and Kale’s otherwise soulful, ballad-y voice sounded very odd combined with bass drops and heavy percussion. We’re going to stick with OX7GEN’s original productions for now.

‘lal.3gpp’ by cheli!

Delhi’s Tushar Nair has a sense of humour, and who doesn’t love a sense of humour? OK, we’ll admit that this isn’t the most refined production or structure for a song but it sticks in your head. We want more. Check out cheli!’s brand of #malayalam #hiphop on his SoundCloud.

‘You Cant Drown In The Sea’ by Jamblu

Kartik Pillai’s out with 4 minutes of pure dread. Like being like you’re stuck a maze of lump-in-your-throat uncertainty and spine tingling fear. The production is pretty much as low and fuzzy as he could keep it from sounding like a lump of incoherent noise, but as usual with Jamblu, there’s beauty amidst chaos. That beauty shines through, in particular, as the song progresses towards the end with siren like wails and gentle, tuneful undulations – an orchestra from the obsidian walled concert halls of the underworld.

‘Reflections’ By Aeon Waves

Aeon Waves is out with an airy, atmospheric track with heavy elements of drum n’ bass. It’s interesting with a nice melody to it despite being a bit safe. You can follow Aeon Waves on Soundcloud for more music.

‘Ghost In Love’ by Worms’ Cottage

Worms’ Cottage is back with a tabla peppered tune called ‘Ghosts in Love’ from an upcoming album that trusted sources tell us is going to be the one to look out for. The new tune is far gentler than what we’ve heard in the past, less hip-hop influenced and Iyer seems to be finding a voice of his own. Might not his best yet – Worms’ Cottage’s sound is usually packed with character and this is (comparatively) a bit tame - but ‘Ghosts in Love’ is still, nonetheless, far more interesting and original then the majority of music we listen to from other bedroom producers.

Update: 'Ghosts in Love' is a one off single not from the upcoming album. We'll just have to sit tight and wait patiently...

Image credit (main): Worms' Cottage
Image credit (thumb): Jamblu
Words: Diya Gupta


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