Compa's 7 Most Influential Dubstep Tracks

25 September 2015

Compa – real name Will Brown, was born busy. He started making and releasing music very early on - after hustling hard to get himself heard, the Manchester native managed to release his debut 12” with Boka records. Then, after hustling harder, he finally signed to the label that he currently calls home - Mala’s enormously respected DEEP MEDi Musik when he was just 21 years old.

That’s when the upward swing began – Compa’s music has garnered acclaim from the likes of like BBC 6 Musi1501460's Gilles Peterson, Nerm and J:Kenzo, Jay 5ive, Plastician and N-Type amongst others on the prestigious Rinse FM. The artist has also been performing all over the world – in America, all over Europe and now for the first time Asia - making his way to Delhi after what we hear was a riotous show in Shanghai.

Mala is amongst the greatest legends in dubstep, that’s no exaggeration, and one who we had the privilege of hosting last year at Magnetic Fields Festival. He’s not usually one to throw around quotes for his artists or otherwise, but he made an exception for the DEEP MEDi’s prodigy:

“COMPA is one of the only few people still playing authentically. He cuts dubplates and has a big bag of exclusives. As a producer and DJ I have watched Compa grow for a number of years now, always delivering the goods.

He always joins us for DEEP MEDi showcases, most recently he played some incredible sets at outlook festival.

As compa is passing through your city, don’t miss a rare opportunity to hear some exclusive heavyweight dubplates.

Respect” - Mala

Mala also sent us a short but potent video of Compa’s performance at the DEEP MEDi outlook festival boat party in Croatia – a memorable event for not just the audience, but Compa himself. Watch it here and feel the energy seep through your screens.

The dubstep whiz is all set to play a strictly vinyl, dubplate heavy set tonight at the ever reliable antiSOCIAL for our favourite club night (if we do say so ourselves) – ECHO, performing alongside fellow vinyl selector Delhi Sultanate (BFR).

Between touring the capital and discovering the joys of near-death in autorickshaws, Compa was kind enough to compile a list of his 7 most influential tracks. It’s a great list for anyone who loves dubstep – so sit back with a set of headphones and tune in:

1. Goth-Trad - Sunbeam (Deep Medi Musik)

Deep atmospheres, crisp and very original drums, this is a Deep Medi classic and my favourite Goth-Trad track h1503756's ever made. I remember being completely obsessed with this when it was first coming up on dub plate in Mala and Goth-Trad1503880' sets. This track is otherworldly. Atmospherics-wise it does1503942't get any better.

2. Mala - Changuito (Brownswood)

I think 1504149've played this track in every one of my sets since it was released in 2012, I absolutely love when the pads creep in and the percussion builds and builds half way through the track and it breaks down and takes you into a completely different world. I1504401's the perfect balance between meditative music and a track that hammers a sound system. The second drop... Wait for it.

3. Burial - Distant Lights (Hyperdub)

My music is very atmospheric, dark and incredibly emotional at times. Burial was one of the first1504804'dubste1504812' artists I found out about when I originally found the music and I remember regularly listening to his first album on repeat and in particular this track. The atmosphere and emotion in this track is second to none. I1505030's an unreL record that completely draws you in. Very, very inspiring.

4. Kromestar - Kalawanji (Deep Medi Musik)

Certified banger, this gets pull-up every time. Stone cold bassline and untouchable energy. This always sets the dancefloor alight.

5. Digital Mystikz - Chainba (Big Apple)

When it comes to influential records in Dubstep music, this is it, this is history. The Big Apple record label, originally a record store in Croydon, London, England was the first shop in the world to sell Dubstep records and the first record label to release Dubstep music, and1505888'Chainb1505896' for me was a very clear turning point for the music. A pivotal not to mention incredibly inspiring track.

6. Skream - Midnight Request Line (Tempa)

It does1506200't get much more influential than this for me, it was actually the record that moved me from drum & bass to dubstep in 2009. When I heard it I said to the friend who first played it for me "I love this drum & bass but i1506428's a bit slow is1506445't it?" and I was told "I1506471's not drum & bass, i1506497's this new music called dubstep from London" and as they say, the rest is history.

7. Loefah - Mud (DMZ)

Hearing this on a real, properly engineered and very large sound system in a pitch black club will change your life. This is the definition of both of the words classic and influential.




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