VITAL Recommends: Producers Who Impressed In 2014

14 January 2015

While we have discussed some of the artists, festivals and releases that caught our eye in 2014, there was so much more to say. Our list could not possibly do the burgeoning music scene in our country justice. For every musician we thrust in the limelight, another is left in the shadows. Being in the unique position of judging an artist's work leaves many writers feeling not only giddy with momentary power, but also colors their perception of musicians they seem to view from the outside.

With that in mind we got the crack team of artists over at Vital Agency together and got them to thumb through the ever-increasing list of their peers. They were then asked to tell us one producer/musician who impressed them this past year, and to recommend a track for our listening pleasure. Here is what they had to say:

The artist that caught my eye this year was Frame/Frame (Live).I love their live setup. The drummer, Sahil, adds a whole new side to the project and gives it a nice feathery touch to their live performances.

Curtain Blue Recommends: 'Hard Boiled Wonderland'

Paul Dharamraj: Punk/alt quartet Hoirong finally took front man Kamal Singh's bedroom studio ditties live across the country, and how! Dirty guitar tones, lyrics heavy with biting satire and a throwback to the better alt rock of the 90s.

Paul Recommends: '23/24'

Ketan Bahirat: I think When Pandas Attack, with his debut album, really impressed this year. Lush soundscapes and great textures and melodies, the album was a treat to listen to.

Ketan Recommends: 'Things Pass By' Album

I heard a bit of Disco Puppet’s set at the New Wave Festival and thought it was really interesting. You don't always hear something that compels you to stay and listen but I think his work has that sort of quality.

Snowshoe Recommends: 'MM11202106'

One act that I rate very, very highly is my Vital Agency mate Curtain Blue. Though he's been at this electronic music thing for a while, I believe 2014 was really his year. As I sit here listening to the unreleased demos of his forthcoming EP, I'm completely confident that Abhishek will definitely be an artist that everyone will be looking at in the coming years - his music is futuristic, forward thinking and immaculately produced. Plus his live set at Magnetic Fields totally kicked my ass.

Frame/Frame Recommends: 'My Obscurity'

Sandunes is a fantastic producer. I saw her live at NH7 Weekender and it was brilliant. She is definitely one to look out for this year.

Soulspace Recommends: 'Slybounce' Feat. Nicholson

Rahul Giri: Anirudh S. Menon's EP 'Another Summer' was probably my favourite EP by an Indian artist this year. Also the work he is been doing with Machli is phenomenal. They are putting out an EP soon, so I can’t wait. I just love his brand of oblique electronic hip-hop music. Cinematic, atmospheric and very nonconformist. He has managed to create a very unique sound pallet. There are tasteful nods here and there, but overall he has created a sound that is completely his own.

Rahul Recommends: 'Another Summer' EP

Tanvi Rao: Although Sid Vashi had already put out an EP, it was his cover of Young Thugs - Daniel Glover that blew me away. It is my favourite song by an Indian artist this year. Awesome vocals, superb samples and a bass line that I wish I could have come up with (still trying).

Tanvi Recommends: 'Daniel Glover' - Young Thug Cover

Words: Aditya Keswani


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