20 August 2014

Radio Broadcaster and DJ IAMRISHA hosts a weekly show on Delhi-based online station Radio 79. It's called and showcases global underground sounds that range from soul and funk through to tropical bass. Every month she'll bring us a recap of the show's freshest sounds and styles - exclusively for Wild City.

It's been a good month for hip-hop thanks to Stones Throw Records. A player who’s had us excited is MNDSGN aka RinggoAncheta. His conventional upbringing is clearly reflected in his sound. Video games and hip-hop weren't the everyday things he was exposed to - instead, he grew up in a forest and then a commune (sans electricity) as his family was seeking political asylum from the Philippines. He got into hip-hop when he arrived in Philadelphia, where he first encountered a beatmaker. He got hooked and started making his own sounds, fashioning his moniker ‘MNDSGN’ after the lyrics of Nas. His recent release 'MSG987926' is taken from his forthcoming debut album 'Yawn Zen'.

“I've allowed myself to study the absence of daily struggle and its effects, and began to subconsciously paint that vibe in the music.” Check out his sounds below:

Pyramid Vritra is another one to watch. He started a hip-hop collective in high school and subsequently met Matt Martians from Odd Future - where the magic began. Another beatmaker who's been on the scene is Homeboy Sandman. He's an MC who prides himself on musical growth and evolution and has adopted the creative mission – “Boy Sand like you've never seen him before. As usual.” Some might say he’s a little cocky, but if you listen to sounds created by modern producers like Jon Wayne, he's got a point.

When in London I saw My Panda Shall Fly at the Magnetic Fields pre-party and he caught my eye. The Sri-Lankan born Londoner is set to release 'Tropical' on Soundway Records. The kaleidoscopic rainbow of textures that fuses electronic and folk rhythms represents his diverse influences of places and people. Have a look at the beautiful 'Rainfall' below- a full-screen affair.


**The tracks featured and Amrisha's previous shows can all be found here and don't forget you can tune into her weekly show every Monday at 4pm on Radio 79.**


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