9 June 2014

Radio Broadcaster and DJ IAMRISHA hosts a weekly show on Delhi-based online station Radio 79. It's called and showcases global underground sounds that range from Soul and Funk through to Tropical bass. Every month she'll bring us a recap of the show's freshest sounds and styles - exclusively for The Wild City.

It's the month of June and summer is most definitely in full swing. It's been another month of upfront production, most notably from Stones Throw Records. The independent LA based label rarely disappoints and this month they've kept their consistency in check. To tie in with their new documentary they've released a soundtrack with the big boys bringing in what they know best. If you listen to the two tracks 'Cue 6' and 'Methods' featured in episode #30 from Madlib, Peanut Butter Wolf (PBW) and Charizma, it's got Stones Throw written all over it. Crisp beats and underground hip-hop.

PBW, founder, has grown the label into a multigenerational international powerhouse for the underground music scene, and nearly 20 years on - they are still going strong. A true powerhouse.

Also featured in this episode is the new track 'Nightcraft' from Mumbai-based Sandunes. Staying true and experimental to her sound, she musically moves where she wants, not being boxed to a style because the scene demands it. And as a result her productions bring originality and excite. The track is out in June on her new EP 'Slybounce.' Also from the continent is Colombo's Asvajit, who's a frontrunner in spurring the Sri Lankan underground dance music scene. I featured 'Ladybird' this month because I loved its darkness, brought out by his fusion of heavy dub and techno beats.

Now I need to shine a halo on this fella - débruit. If you haven't heard of him, it's time to know… "In an African basement bar down a Paris side-street is where you'll normally find débruit. The Parisian synth magician's style is a no holds barred assault through dark Congolese sound systems; downtown LA block parties gone wrong; haze filled Kingston recording studios and freaky Tunisian backstreet souks - all powered by a fat hip-hop engine… the heaviest wonky fusions you will hear all year."

Can't think of a better description.

Check out his remix for Saravah Soul above taken from the 'Tru Thoughts in Brazil' compilation. This release is one of the many that’s out and blazing the torch on the country who'll play host to the World Cup very shortly. As a lover of the sound I can't wait to bring you a 5-part Brazil special that looks at rare, classic and leftfield sounds coming out of the country - all in partnership with the Brazilian embassy.

Going leave you with this beauty. New video from They Call Me Raptor signed to Par Excellence, produced by Mr.Alix Perez who was recently in India as part of BASS CAMP Festival.

**The new tracks featured and Amrisha's previous shows can all be found here and don't forget you can tune into her weekly show every Monday at 4pm on Radio 79.**


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