Geddes: Top 5 Tracks Of The Moment

8 October 2013

This week, India's capital of cool will play host to 'Regenerate', the first in a series of bi-monthly club-events, taking place at Sitara Studio.

With a focus on everything 'house' it has invited renowned London based producer and DJ, Geddes, head honcho of the Mulletover collective to headline the event. Wild City's Moniker will also be playing providing an eclectic output of UK based sounds in such a format for the very first time. We're talking straight up house and techno - we suggest you come prepared to hear forward thinking sounds from one of the best house music scenes in the world.

To get you a taste of what to expect this weekend, we got in touch with Geddes himself to get a feel for his current tastes. These are his current top 5 tracks of the moment:

1. Le Fluer - NIght Flow (Kenny Larkin Remix)

"Wasn't too sure what to expect from this Kenny's remix but on first listen I was like wow, fifteen minutes of pure magic that keep you entertained from start to finish. It’s tracks like these that inspire me with my own productions."

2. The Mole - I Twist You Turn

"The Mole is so consistent. Everything he does hits the mark, his style is not necessarily big room sounding but more disco infused beats and melodic. This particular track is quite downtempo but I just can't get enough of it."

3. Thermal Bear - Make Rekkids

"A relative new kid on the block; Thermal Bear has been pretty impressive so far. 'Rekkids' has featured heavily in my sets in the last few weeks. Production is slick - intricate beats and moog lead draw you in."

4. Andre Kronert - Trip

"Late night, dark and intense is how I would describe this track. Doesn't do much but creates an atmosphere and sometimes that's all you need."

5. R Zone 'Down E Rave'

"Takes me back to my youth. Great dropping something like this into a set."

**Regenerate will be taking place at Sitara Studio on 13 October 2013. More details can be found on the Facebook event here**



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