5 Minutes With Adam & The Fish Eyed Poets

26 September 2013

On 30 September, Toto Fund The Arts will be hitting its deadline for submission for the annual Toto Music Awards. Calling all young talented Indian musicians and bands, it offers a great opportunity to get a nice cash injection of Rs 60,000 to help you craft your art. More here

Last year, Chennai based Adam & The Fish Eyed Poets took home this prestigious music award, based on the bands third LP 'Songs From An Island' that came out in late 2012 (hear it here), a follow up to frontman Kishore Krishna's self produced albums, Snakeism (2010) and Dead Loops (2011) under the 'Fish Eyed' moniker.

It's almost been a year since they received this award and almost a year since we've heard a peep out of the band. We figured we'd get in touch with main man Kishore Krishna...

How’s it going?

Peach like.

Where are you right now?

In my bedroom.

What’s in your pockets?

Nothing, I'm in my boxers

Last song you listened to?

Mingus' - The Black Saint And Sinner Lady album

Last thing you ate?

Cup noodles.

Last good gig you saw?

F1705241's at Ramada. Good band, cheap booze and hipster girl shapes.

Last bad gig?

Same one, after a few I felt like I was in an episode of gossip girl, but Blair and Serena wouldn't make out.

Which song do you currently have constantly on repeat?

Art blakey's Moanin album

If you weren’t making music what do you think you’d be doing?

I'd probably end up writing books that nobody would read, but they might say they did on Facebook.

What’s the thing that you love most about your job?

The solitude.

What do you hate most about working in this industry?

Life in between dreams.

If you could teleport yourself to any place and time where would it be and

Chennai in the future I guess. Just to see if this was the seaside town that they forgot to bomb, then 52nd street in the 5706180's.

Which colour do you identify with most?

Dark green into purple, but I end up working with red and yellow the most.

Best gift from a fan?

That only.

Describe your new work in three words…

Driving off cliffs


3 most inspirational artists:

Bowie, Costello, Dylan

3 favourite albums of all time:

The Rolling Stones - Exile On Main Street
David Bowie - Low
Bob Dylan - Blonde On Blonde

Favourite 3 artists of the moment:

Duke Ellington, Al Green, Thelonius Monk

For those still interested in applying for the Toto Music Awards, you’ll need to submit your 3 best tracks alongside a completed application form and 3 high res images.

For further details on how to apply head here. Deadline for application: 30 September 2013.



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