New Venues Galore: Most Technical Reveal Details Of Delhi's Newest Club

New Venues Galore: Most Technical Reveal Details Of Delhi's Newest Club

The internationally reputed Most Technical India, well known for their visionnary ideas and ground breaking innovations, have just completed a major Sound and Lighting installation for Lalit Hotels in New Delhi.

Lalit Hotels, is one of India's leading hotel groups and owner Keshav Suri wanted the space to create "the full on nightclub experience” he experienced during a visit to London's super club Fabric. To realise this vision he called in leading nightclub sound and light designers Most Technical India, who alongside Dave Parry the co-founder of Most Technical, are well known for their systems at London's Fabric, Matter, Ministry Of Sound and Delhi's award winning Elevate, to name a few.

This is not the only project that Most Technical have been working on in India. They've also been busy kitting out Shroom at Crescent Mall, another club due to open within a couple of months.

It's no secret that we're in very exciting times for new venues across the country. Delhi itself is to see two other major clubs: blueFROG and Out Of The Box to open this year, both promising extensive sound and light design. We're happy to see that people are finally starting to take notice of these two major aspects of live music venues/clubs with a recent oversaturation of venues popping up with no real infrastucture for sound.

The Lalit nightclub, still to be named, was designed by architect Bobby Mukhajee and is spread over two floors with four separate areas each with their own feel and style. The sound system was configured to allow each room to be separated if needed (for private parties) or to be run as a single unit during the weekends.

To achieve this, Dave specified a full Void Acoustics sound system controlled by three of Void's Live-Drives, allowing each zone to be independent of each other but also to work as a single entity.

The main dancefloor has four of Voids eye catching Airmotion speakers flown in each corner with four of Voids Arcline X sub-bins mounted under the stage giving the necessary bass punch to the system.

Most Technical's Arjun Bahl worked closely with Lalit's Tapan Kumar and the RNS technical team ensuring that the whole installation went smoothly and to time.

“I'm really pleased with the whole sound and light package and using Voids new remote panels made setting up a lot easier - I'm sure the club is going to be a great success” - Dave Parry

We'll be heading to the launch party in a few weeks. Watch this space for further updates and our thoughts on all the latest venues popping up around town.


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