Gallago & Jay Pei

Gallago & Jay Pei


21 June 2019


Mango Kitchen & Bar
New Delhi



Gallago is the alias of multi-instrumentalist and classically trained AshtonFox. Born in Johannesburg but now residing in Bristol. His early love of music was tied to the escapism of creation and after playing in several bands, he chose to dive into the world of music production. He quickly realised that music production was his calling and made the biggest decision of his life to re-locate to the UK where he studied a degree in sound design. Thisultimately led to him living in Bristol, the latest stop on his journey and it's clear when you listen to Gallago that his tracks ooze with all the many influences he's picked up along the way.


Jay Pei

Jay Pei is a New Delhi based producer and DJ who has pioneered his own unique sound, enthralling audiences with it across the length of the country. Building his music and sets upon rhythmic foundations of the 4/4 groove, Jay's more recent experimentation has been towards integrating cinematic elements in to the atmospheric soundscapes of his set. While a lot of his techniques may seem contradictory to the mainstream, they have led him to find and explore his own unique voice. One could say that his music comes from the best of both worlds - analog and digital. With his use of analog drum machines and synthesizers to lay down the foundation of his tracks and digital devices to integrate the work flow. Moving with a unique ebb and flow, Jay's penchant for composing melodies, combined with his intrinsic knowledge of the music that he plays, especially when performing his signature all original set, has propelled Jay and his music to a large audience.



Jay Pei nrtya Mango Kitchen & Bar Raw Live


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