Daniel Waples & Flavio Lopez

Daniel Waples & Flavio Lopez


3 March 2019


Fandom At Gilly's Redefined


Daniel Waples

With over 50 million views online and having performed in around 60 countries over 6 continents, Daniel Waples is indisputably one of the world's most renowned and celebrated HandPan players to date. He has been frequenting India almost yearly since 2007. During that time he has amassed more views on youtube than any other hand pan/hang drum player. He has given performances in around 60 countries and been a speaker at no less than 6 TEDx events.

Flavio Lopez

Flavio is a Spanish violin player. He collaborated with various orchestras and bands, performing extensively across the globe in several capacities. From classical music to electronica, Flavio feels comfortable within many different genres and musical ideas.


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