Tijana T & Robby

Tijana T & Robby


18 November 2018


Kitty Ko


Tijana T

For more than a decade now Tijana T has been a key figure on her native Serbian dance scene. Adding an elegant sheen and popularist slant to weird and freaky electronic music, it is both her ability and charm that have gotten Tijana T so far, also behind the DJ booth: always playing with unbridled energy, she has a real sense of stage presence and is always a focal point for the crowds she plays to.

Her powerful sets are things that invariably make people dance to good music and though currently focussed on techno, she is also likely to reach for house music of all styles from acid to jacking and is a DJ who educates and amazes as much as she entertains.


Robby Banner

Robby Banner is a Deep House, Tech & NuDisco DJ from Bangalore, along with being a full-time graphic designer.



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