Another Online Music Platform For India? Yes, MusicFellas Launches

17 July 2012

Musicfellas is India's latest online social music platform trying to integrate the fragmented Indian music market, bringing together all indie content under one roof.

The vision behind Musicfellas is to provide a platform where artists can grow their audience by uploading music which users can then listen to and buy in mp3 format. Downloads will start as as low as Rs.10 per track and will be available either individually or as a full album.

Aside from this every activity that a user does on Musicfellas is connected to rewards. There are points and badges for certain activities which show up against your profile allowing you to compete with others for points. The idea is to initiate conversations, making it easy for people to meet via discussions around music.

Musicfellas will at first be launching as an invite only portal. People can request for an invite here. Any band/artist looking to share their music via this platform should directly contact Musicfellas on



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