Exclusive: Listen To Harsha Iyer's Latest Album Before Its Official Release

16 July 2012

Harsha Iyer is a musician we've sung praises of many times before (read our introduction here). From the days of his critically acclaimed debut album 'Curious Toys' right through to the announcement of his follow up release, titled 'When It's Time', we've always kept a keen eye on his developments.

The self produced, recorded and engineered 22 track double disc album is set to be released in two parts over the next couple of months, with 'Part One' due to be available later this week via the artist's Bandcamp.

When It's Time (Part One), as expected is a musical roller coaster with highs, lows and unpredictable twists and turns. Happiness, misery, sorrow, suffering, love, money and greed are all underlying themes of the album yet musically it's a melodic journey filled with a seemingly perfect balance of piano, guitar and orchestral sections, as well as the young musician's trademark vocals.

Before Iyer's LP releases on 18 July, we've been treated to the exclusive stream of its 11 mind-bending tracks, all of which you can listen to below:

"Your uncontrollable fate/destiny and the trouble it brings to each individual at particular phases of life is one thing that is universal, no matter who a person is, where they live or what they do. In a way it brings the whole world closer" - Harsha Iyer



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