NH7 & Flipkart Join Forces To Help Push Independent Music

12 July 2012

Well known online independent music platform NH7 has announced a partnership with Flipkart to create an exclusive section on Flipkart's digital music store (Flyte), dedicated to independent music.

Over the years NH7.in has been one of the largest promoters of indie music both through its site and annual music pilgrimage, the Bacardi NH7 Weekender. Now, along with promoting independent music, NH7.in has created an avenue for artists to sell music directly to their fans. That's not all. The 4 million monthly users of Flipkart will also have access to a wide selection of independent music from India and around the world at their fingertips.

“For almost a decade, we have been the most outspoken advocates of fans downloading music for free. Finally, we have a reason to change our stance. NH7.in on Flyte is a platform which will bring together every independent artist in India, across all genres, under one platform. With this, we are inching closer to the goal of making Indian independent music heard to audiences worldwide.” - Vijay Nair (OML CEO)

Fans looking to support Indian musicians will now have a way to buy DRM (Digital Rights Management) free tracks of their favourite independent artists. The NH7.in section aims to feature artists across varied genres and languages launching with names such as Indian Ocean, Pentagram, The Raghu Dixit Project, Swarathma and Skyharbor. Users will be able to purchase both albums and singles and artists will be given the freedom to price their own albums.

"Internationally, music sales are still a viable source of revenue for musicians, mostly due to the availability of various avenues to purchase music, which has been lacking in India. We’re really glad to help create a legal avenue to discover and support such artists on Flyte. We believe this would go a long way in making independent music more mainstream." - Sameer Nigam, VP Digital, Flipkart

To visit the NH7.in store on Flipkart, go here


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