Watch: Video From Delhi's 'Occupy India' Internet Freedom Protest Set Up By Anonymous

12 June 2012

Now Delhi has just uploaded a brilliant account of the peaceful protests that took part in Delhi on 9 June as part of a national campaign held over 19 cities across India led by international Internet hacktivists Anonymous.

Anonymous have captured and inspired the spirits of many disenchanted and frustrated Indian citizens after the Indian government initiated a blanket ban on several file sharing websites on 16 May. These websites include Vimeo, Pirate Bay and Daily Motion just to name a few.

Anonymous turned their gaze upon India as soon as this ban became apparent and have since been engaging with press and media to explain what exactly they hope to achieve whilst consistently bringing down Indian websites linked to the ban such as Reliance, MTNL and even Congress.

For more info you can read NH7's interview here which we believe to be one of the first dialogues set up with Anonymous, close to the start of their #opIndia campaign.

For now, feast your eyes on Delhi's take on the events of 9 June in this little documentary created by Now Delhi


Image & Video Credit: Now Delhi



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