The Hip-Hop Poker Playlist

12 June 2012

Poker is an extremely popular game worldwide and it's no secret that music sets the perfect mood...

It should come as no surprise then that those in the know at Poker Junkie have gone and created the "perfect hip-hop playlist" for your game of poker at any level, right?

With a different set of tracks for each part of the game, separated by early, mid and late stages, the playlist covers tracks from the likes of MF Doom, The Roots, Jay Electronica, Nas, M.O.P and Wu Tang Clan just to name a few.

Apparently the playlist has been compiled so that it automatically makes you change your ‘game’ based on the mood of the music at just the right time. Whether this is true or not, you decide.

With tracks like The Roots' ‘Stay Cool’ and Notorious B.I.G’s ‘Sky’s The Limit’ in the early stages of the playlist where you’re supposed to ‘stay cool’ and tracks such as Necro’s ‘No Remorse’ at the end when you’re supposed to be aggressive, we can see how this could work… kind of.

For more info and to view the full playlist for each stage of your game, head over here



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