Listen & Download: New Steaming Teddy Boy Kill Single

29 March 2012

Teddy Boy Kill is a self confessed technologic "beat punk" consisting of Ashhar Farooqui, Samrat Bee, and recently added drummer Akshat Nauriyal.

An electronic-based rock/techno/electronica band from New Delhi, Teddy Boy Kill make a mark with their raucous live shows and high-energy music that draws comparisons to !!!, LCD Soundsystem, Justice, Walls and even Massive Attack at times. Proud to be independent of any record label and giving away all their music for free via their soundcloud, Teddy Boy Kill have released one full length LP in the shape of The Exit Plan and numerous singles to date.

For their latest offering, TBK have created a continually building and darkening track titled 'Breakdown'. A track that keeps on giving, with its spellbinding hook, moody vocals and pulsating drums. Its certainly got our juices flowing. Check it out for yourself:

For more from Teddy Boy Bill you can hear their exclusive Wild City mix here.


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