Indigo Children Forced Off Stage & Escorted By Police At Lucknow Show

21 March 2012

Last week Delhi based rock band Indigo Children were invited to play at Spoculit 2012, a college festival hosted by RML Law University in Lucknow. Manager Ritnika, founder of Music Gets Me High explained to us how the gig was off to a bad start from the word go...

Once arriving in Lucknow, their bus driver was quick to welcome the band by "driving over their guitar cases shattering them to pieces". Luckily the guitars came out unscathed and the band took it upon themselves as a occupational hazard.

Having been booked for a 2 hour set the band eventually got onto stage only to be abruptly stopped 40 mins in. The show then spiraled out of control when a 'local goon' jumped on stage forcing lead singer Sanchal Malhar to wrap up on the spot.

At this point manager Ritnika was told the local boys were looking to cause trouble, as the band were singing in English and not in Hindi. The promoter by now was hiding fearing for his own safety while the band half way through their set and current track were forced to hide backstage until the police arrived to escort them back to their hotel.

Manger Ritnika, was quick to release an official statement via Indigo Children's facebook - the preceding comments are quite hilarious. Have a read here.


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