ILM Music Academy Launches In Delhi

15 March 2012

The ILM Academy, India's premier electronic music school, first opened its doors to students in Bangalore back in 2009.

Planning to run part time courses (2 days a week) for pro DJ'ing, electronic music production and audio engineering the school shall be opening its Delhi unit on 1 April 2012. Unlike its Bangalore predecessor the school will currently focus its energy primarily on electronic music with space to move into other music attributes in the future.

Electronic music production (4 months) and audio engineering (6 months) will be run by Jalebee Cartel's G Arjun and specialised courses will be run with bandmate and academy partner Arjun Vagale alongside one-off classes from a number of international artists while on tour in India and live via the internet across the world.

DJ Llewellyn Hilt will run the 3 month course focussing on the basics of DJ'ing touching more heavily on the practicalities of mixing with CDJ's and vinyl turntables. Although it'll lightly touch upon digital DJ'ing via programs such as Ableton and Traktor, students will also be able to take up a masterclass following the pro DJ course which will focus completely on "laptop DJ'ing".

What's more the academy will offer unlimited studio time for all students and is fully equipped by Native Instruments and Mackie. Happy days!

For further information and to find out more about courses and rates you can head over to the ILM Academy website here. We'll be running a competition for a pro DJ course and electronic music production course next week as well, so keep your eyes peeled.


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