‘Pulsations’ By Marcel Zaes: A Sound Art Performance

 ‘Pulsations’ By Marcel Zaes: A Sound Art Performance

11 June 2018

As part of a studio residency awarded by Pro Helvetia, Swiss composer and performer Marcel Zaes, will be performing in Bangalore and New Delhi; presenting his solo act titled ‘Pulsations’

‘Pulsations’ would be a performance with an experimental (digital) pulse generator and, trash can speakers which would also serve as resonating material for his act. By controlling the pulsating algorithm, Zaes plans on visualising the entire assemblage via video projections - creating an immersive environment that he likes to call ‘techno-organic’.

‘Pulsation’ will loosely be based on Deleuze’s ‘assemblage of linked yet individual ticks’ - sonically representing ideas of one of the most important media studies philosophers of our time.

The performance will take place at swissnex India in Bangalore on 28 June from 6:30pm to 10:00pm. To register for the Bangalore event, you can head here.

The venue for the performance in New Delhi is yet to be announced; it has been scheduled to take place on 6 July.

Pulsations [solo] (USA 2018) from Marcel Zaes.

Visit the Pro Helvetia website to keep up to for further information. Follow Marcel Zaes here.



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