Odd Future Set To Release New Record In March

20 January 2012

Hip-hop crew of the moment Odd Future have recently announced a release date for their new mixtape, OF Tape Vol. 2, due to be released through their own Odd Future label with major label distribution from Sony/RED on March 20.

Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, Leftbrain, Mike G, Syd the Kid and Matt Martain (aka the Internet) are all set to feature on the new record. The rap group is still missing member Earl Sweatshirt, who is believed to still be in Samoa.

The group, whose full name is Odd Future Golf Wang Kill Them All, still will have plenty going on for the rest of the year. At least three more new albums are expected, including individual releases by Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats/Leftbrain's duo Mellowhype, and the follow up to Tyler the Creator's debut LP Goblin.

If you're yet to hear material from Odd Future, hear this:

Also check out the video to Tyler The Creator's Yonkers. Probably our favourite video of 2011:




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