Shri Composes Music For Google Ad

23 December 2011

It was over a decade ago that Shri made his breakthrough. In 1993 a British festival producer by the name of Simon Dove was in Bombay, Shri's hometown. Chancing upon the bassist's debut album Inspirational Satisfaction in the Indo-jazz section of a record shop, Dove was taken with the work of the then unknown quantity, Shrikanth Sriram.

Most recently Shri has gone on to compose and produce music for the latest Google Chrome ad/short film, inspired by the real story of G. Rajendran, an artist from Tamil Nadu who used the web to bring the dying art of "Tanjore" paintings back to life.

The art is supposed to have originated in 1600 A.D and is an important part of the local social and cultural heritage.

You can watch the short film below:



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