Listen: ‘Birds’ By Sid Vashi

Listen: ‘Birds’ By Sid Vashi

16 May 2018

Mumbai-based producer Sid Vashi just put out a single titled ‘Birds’ - via Azadi Records.

The 4-minute track is a sublime sonic expedition heavily textured with ambience and a captivating, meandering bassline. A melodic cosmic exploration in tune with ‘Azuma Kazuma’ - it even uses samples from a proclamation of when man landed on the moon.

Supporting the aesthetic with a lazy melody that churns into a cosmic murmur which, eventually ends with a dramatic space-ship clasp - the vocals on the track, are not as apocalyptic.

‘Birds’ was meant to be the original title-track to Sid Vashi’s EP, Azuma Kazuma - it can be heard interchangeably with ‘Paper Bones’, from the same album.

Listen to ‘Birds’ below:

Follow Sid Vashi on SoundCloud here and, Azadi Records on Facebook here.


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