CDR Project heads Over To India

CDR Project heads Over To India

9 November 2011

CDR is a burntprogress project, the bedrock for aspiring and established producers to submit their current works in progress which are then play-listed and heard on a great sound system on that same night. An opportunity for like-minded artists to meet and exchange feedback/ideas and tracks, in turn assisting the development of electronic artists and producers in India.

Having started in London's premier nigthclub Plastic People, being the weekly soundtrack to London's empire of upcoming musicians, CDR is now looking to develop a tribe of producers in each city who aspire to make a career out of producing original music.

"We aim to inspire enough people to do this by being catalysts for such a movement." - Tony Nwachukwu, CDR Founder

Through a cultural initiative supported by the British Council, CDR will later this year host workshops and events in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata, introducing the concept of hearing music during the construction stage, rather than the final product.

"India is a Bollywood dominated market. Teenagers and youth across the country aspiring to do anything non-mainstream find themselves with limited access to resources/avenues that will give them the exposure they deserve. Within this niche, electronic music acts find themselves cornered even further between an arts, culture and Indie music scene."

Workshops from seasoned professionals and promising UK talent nurtured through the UK CDR scene will feature workflow production presentations and recording tutorial sessions using live session musicians and established vocalists from the scene.

Material (stems) from the recordings made during these sessions will also be made available to members of the CDR community in India and the UK as a source of sampling and further manipulation. These reworks will contribute to the building of a music catalogue celebrating this project.

The best material submitted during the CDR events in India will be released on a CDR India compilation that will be available digitally through iTunes. The submitted material will also be spread through the online CDR community to the UK and beyond. Podcasts and film documentation will also be produced during the project.

Anyone keen on listening to new electronic music can participate:

Producers are invited to arrive on the night with a current work in progress burned to a CD or uploaded to their dedicated Soundcloud/Dropbox. Tracks submitted should include the following information:

Artist Name
Track Number
Track Title
URL (facebook / twitter / soundcloud)

All submitted tracks are kept for CDR archival purposes and may be played at additional sessions and online platforms.

CDR will be happening at the following venues across the country:

Mumbai / Venue: Bonobo
Wed Nov 23, 2-4.30pm - Workshop with special guests Monica Dogra (Sha'air + Func) and Mayur Narvekar (Bandish Projekt)
Thurs Nov 24, 8-10pm - Open CDR (Listening session)
10-11pm - Opening Act TBA
11-12pm - Oriol (Planet Mu)
12-1am - Tony N

Kolkata / Venue: Plush
Friday Nov 25
9.00-11pm Open CDR (Listening session)
11-12am Varun (Littlei - Kolkata)
12-1am Oriol (Planet Mu records)
1-2am Tony N

Kolkata / Venue: Studio
Saturday Nov 26
2-4.30pm Workshop with local guests Arko + Ludo

Bangalore / Venue: Bacchus F&B
Sunday Nov 27, 4-6.30pm - Workshop with local guests XXX + XXXX
Monday Nov 28
8.30-9.30pm Open CDR (Listening session)
9.30-10.30pm Oriol (Planet Mu Records)
10.30-11.30pm Tony N

Delhi / Venue: Zook
Wednesday Nov 30, 2-4.30pm Workshop with local guests xxxx + xxxx
8.30-10.30pm Open CDR
10.30-11.30pm Opening Act Wild City DJ
11.30-12.30am Oriol (Planet Mu records)
12.30-1.30am Tony N


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