Lakeside Music Festival Prepares To Launch

2 November 2011

Lakeside Music Festival is the latest addition to India's festival circuit and one with probably the most original and fascinating concept.

To put it simply, the festival is plotting to transfer bus loads of Delhiites over to the Aravalli mountain range for an overnight festival under the stars.

As it stands, the plan is to get all festival goers into buses leaving Vasant Vihar at 11am on Saturday 12th, arriving 2 hours later at the edge of the deeply tranquil Damdama lake, surrounded by the crumbling mountains that mark the beginning of the Aravalli mountain range which bisects Rajasthan.

The star of the show is one Nathoo Lal Solanki - the magnetic and talented world-touring nagara player who has graced the Sydney Opera House, Queen Elizabeth Hall and Lincoln Centre in New York to name but a few.

Visitors can meet some of the musicians, try out their instruments (khartals, morchang, rawantha, nagara, bhapang, harmonium...) and hear a little about the forms of music played by resident performers. They can even head out on pedalos on to Damdama lake!

Buses will head back to Vasant Vihar the following afternoon after lunch.

The trip costs 3,500/- per head, which includes transport to the camp and back, accommodation in deluxe tents, five meals and a great line-up of Rajasthani music. People are advised to bring their own booze.

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