Gonjasufi Offers Free EP

28 October 2011

For anyone who's heard Gonjasufi's weird and wonderful album "A Sufi and a Killer" which came out on Warp Records last year, this is a real treat.

An expert at breaking all the rules and making music that's a reflection of probably his entire collection of music, he's a man we'll most likely never be able to pin down. A great addition to the Warp roster and possibly the most interesting output from the label since Aphex Twin he brings to the table an amalgamation of pop, punk, rock, hip hop, psychedelic, blues, sufi and everything in between.

"The 9th Inning is not a follow up to his complicated "A Sufi and a Killer", but instead a collection of tracks that show what happens when you have too many good ideas to keep them all in one place. It's somewhat difficult, weird and exasperating, which is exactly what it should be" - Fadar

We really couldn't have put it better ourself.

Gonjasufi - The 9th Inning (Direct Download Link) - From Soundcloud

You can watch the video to the first track on the EP below. Feel it!

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