Trailer For New TV Show Dewarists Surfaces

Part music documentary and part travelogue, The Dewarists is a new original TV series which features inspiring musicians collaborating to create original music while traveling to locations across India.

Set to hit the airwaves next month, the program will see musicians from distinctly different musical backgrounds coming together to explore destinations across India. By the end of each journey, artists would have composed a track that will reflect not only each other's genres and influences but also sounds inspired by the locations they travel to.

"The Dewarists is a movement that recognises and celebrates those who have changed the rules of the game. We identify and promote those individuals who have followed their hearts and shifted the paradigm through their original approach. We encourage individuals to do what they believe in"

Season 1 premieres on October 16, and airs every Sunday at 8pm on Star World.

You can watch the trailer which features footage of Imogen Heap, Indian Ocean, p a r i k r a m a, Shaa'ir and more below:




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