Has Bangalore Gone Nuts?

It hasn't been hard over the last couple of months to come across someone having a rant about Bangalore.

Well known as a major economic and cultural hub as well as being demographically diverse and the second fastest growing major metropolis in India, Bangalore seems to be hindered by the comings and goings of various laws bringing the city to a halt over the past few years.

First came the 11.30pm curfew for all clubs and bars. Yes that's right. Not even midnight. Don't forget this was one of the first cities in the country to push alternative and underground music and have parties running until the early hours of the morning.

Now news breaks out of the "dancing ban" being brought back into action.

As far as sources suggest, all Bangalore restaurants with bars have been served notice by local authorities with the following orders:

  • No bright coloured flashing lights.
  • No dancing.
  • No loud western music.
  • Only recorded music at a low volume allowed.

Anyone found violating the above will have their license revoked.

Pigflower, the promoter behind one of the most exciting events to happen in a while, this coming weekend, recently announced: "Right. Bad news. Moral policing in Bangalore is back with a big bang. Our gig this Saturday (Pigflower Presents The Alternative) at The BFlat Bar is not gonna happen. Cops say that liqour and western music just don't mix well in their books.. Set your time machines to 5 million BC and hit GO!"

Is this the beginning of musical regression in Bangalore?



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