First Listen: ‘The Lover’ By FUNC

16 August 2017

Randolph Correia is many things with a long list of credits. His genre-bending moniker, FUNC, is vastly different from his other, more well-known projects: Shaair + Func and Pentagram. His latest album under FUNC, ‘The Lover’ has just been released via Mumbai-based artist management and events crew, KRUNK.

The 11-track album is a smorgasbord of genres amalgamated to create a genre-defying piece of work that sticks with you long after your first listen. The lyrics are full of love, loss, heartbreak, redemption but never veer towards the cheesy side of things; they also are never the focal point of any of the tracks, they act as another layer to the excellent production.

Glitchy instrumentals work their way in and out of the album showcasing FUNC’s diverse production skills. Dub and funk find themselves on the album as well as indie rock and ambient soundscapes.

‘‘I put myself in the most awkward yet amazing, vulnerable and sometimes uncomfortable situations to get the best out of my surrounding universe. Making that into music is a challenge I enjoy the most. Being open to feel rather than not is how I chose to render this album. I wrote these vocal jams literally under fifteen minutes after I came home from this local bar talking to this brilliant woman. Maybe it was just me but a lot can be felt in a moment and I tried to keep the realness and simplicity of it all intact. All of it was recorded in one take and that is pretty much the overall attitude of ‘The Lover’" - FUNC

You can listen to ‘The Lover’ below and follow FUNC on Facebook and SoundCloud for more of his work.




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