Listen: ‘I’m Going Home’ By Disco Puppet

1 August 2017

On the back of his Wild City mix last week, Disco Puppet, aka Shoumik Biswas, released a surprise 12-track album late last night.

‘I’m Going Home’ spans a multitude of genres and like his earlier work, it’s created in his distinctive, signature sound. Biswas tends to keep the eccentricity on the project high, staying faithful to his own sound; an uncompromising facet of his production we love. Though it’s not exactly genre-classifiable, ‘I’m Going Home’ is a great reflection of how far he’s come as a solo electronic artist.

Wobbly vocals, swollen, encompassing melodies and his use of intervals and breaks between sounds make up the majority of the album. Biswas’ vocals are also played with constantly making the lyrics unintelligible and giving the eerie impression that you truly never know who’s singing.

With the tracks haphazardly placed throughout with no true cohesion, you can tell how quickly Biswas made the album. Though it may lack cohesiveness and a definitive concept or structure, the 12-track project has enough intriguing beauty to keep listeners engaged throughout.

"One night, when I was really bummed about not being able to make music, I sat down at night, just me and my trusty casio and wrote a bunch of songs. And then a few more, later when I was back home in Calcutta. I'm going home." - Disco Puppet

You can listen to ‘I’m Going Home’ below and purchase the album via Bandcamp. Follow Disco Puppet on Facebook and listen to more of his work on SoundCloud.


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