Listen: ‘Receivers VA [Circuit10]’ By Circuit

19 July 2017

Circuit are a brand new record label based out of New Delhi, India. The second release in their Receivers VA series has just dropped.

A 6-track EP that leans towards techno, the compilation is comprised of tracks from four different producers: Hemant SK, Hashback Hashish, Machinex and Toymob.

‘Receivers VA [Circuit10]’ is bookended by drone pieces that stick with you long after they’re done. The rest of the tracks are drenched in aggressive acid, repetitive drum patterns and hard-hitting grooves.

The EP is suitable for both gloomy afternoons and late night dancefloors at the after party. Hashback Hashish’s ‘Servant’ is definitely one that’ll be rinsed in dark, sweaty clubs.

Listen to ‘Receivers VA [Circuit10]’ below and follow Circuit on Facebook.


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