Listen: 'Cinema' By phatcowlee

13 July 2017

Phatcowlee is Rajan Shrestha's solo electronic project. The Kathmandu-based artist has just released his debut EP, 'Cinema', via Bangalore-based label Consolidate.

Well known as the bass guitarist of post-rock group Jindabaad, Shrestha is also one-half of Anaasir, a collaborative project with Pakistani electronic musician and Border Movement resident Alien Panda Jury.

Like all things Consolidate, 'Cinema' is an idiosyncratic project that has no peers. A smorgasbord of samples that seem to have been discovered through a Magpie-like obsession, phatcowlee has already marked himself with a distinctive sound through 'Cinema'.

He turned his love for Nepali film music into the samples scattered meticulously throughout the project and combined it with lo-fi hip-hop and personal lyricism. This particular blend ends up as an exquisite piece of work.

“Accidentally tuning into TV Filmy, a local channel that broadcasts classic Nepali movies led me to reminisce about Gitaanjali: a national TV program of the 90s that played popular Nepali film songs. I became nostalgic, and this EP is a result of just that.” - phatcowlee

Listen below to 'Cinema' via Consolidate. You can follow phatcowlee on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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