Eyemyth & Homegrown Present A New Media Evening

30 June 2017

Alongside Eyemyth Media Arts Festival, Homegrown presents an evening of immersive new media showcases.

Featuring the likes of Kiran Bhumber and Nancy Lee, it will also host discussions on the State of New Media Art in India and performances by Spryk, Thiruda and Kiran and Nancy.

Taking place at Khar Social in Mumbai on Sunday 2 July, the night will play host to forward-thinking installation pieces such as Pendula: an “interactive immersive installation utilising swings to manipular the audio-visual environment.”

There will also be a piece on the psychedelic history of videogames. VJ Thiruda from BLOT! will be taking on Spryk as they “create a fast paced electronic dance music journey through the history of video games.”

For more information about the event, you can go here.


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