nrtya Are A New Independent Indian Label

13 June 2017

A new Mumbai-based label nrtya, has emerged in the last few months. Focusing on Indian independent music, nrtya’s roster already runs 7 artists deep.

First featured on Wild City in April’s Singled Out, nrtya have been releasing multiple songs a week - each varied and different from the last.

The label already has several active artists within it, most of whom have just begun their musical journey. Started by “Indian musicians for Indian independent music”, nrtya’s aim is to “propogate a listening culture from the grassroots level.”

With Tansane, they possess a distinctive blend of hip-hop and electronica; Ape Machines on the other hand sound like a funky, stripped-back version of nu-jazz.

Whilst the rest of their roster may not have released any music on the label yet, we’re pretty sure to expect a varied and unique sound from each signee: iggythedj, Laminus, Owlist, jay pei, Rhythm Shaw, SoundCodes.

Listen below to Tansane and Ape Machines. Follow nrtya on Facebook, SoundCloud and Instagram.


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