Listen: '20' by sparkle & fade

2 May 2017

Palash Kothari has been prolifically releasing music under the moniker sparkle & fade for almost a year now. His latest project, ‘20’ is by far his strongest work to date.

His last two EP’s, ‘once we were dragonflies’ and ‘Kindergarten Crush’ were varied and abstract - both lacking authenticity. ‘20’, his latest 3-track EP has him carving a clear and defined path for himself.

‘heartstrings’ is the centrepiece of the EP. It’s a piano-driven track has a subtle tabla that slots in alongside the equally discreet sitar. ‘the fossil that once was a fawn’ is a great introductory track to the EP and Kothari’s music with its minimal layering and rhythmic, calming melody. 'floating to you now’ picks up where ‘heartstrings’ left off with it’s steady, upbeat theme.

‘20’ is an incredibly well thought out and tight piece of work that is a good indicator of the kind of work to expect from Kothari.

Listen below to ‘20’ and follow sparkle & fade on Facebook for more updates.


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