Amarrass Records Announce In-House Production Of Hand-Cut Vinyl

21 April 2017

Amarrass Records, a Delhi-based label, have announced the setup of their new workshop in Gurgaon where they are in the process of producing their first set of records. Three albums, all individually hand-cut at the facility, will feature the label’s artists Painted Caves, Lakha Khan and Barmer Boys.

All three will also be performing at a launch party which takes place on 28 April 2017 at Lodi, The Garden Restaurant in New Delhi.

In the week preceding the vinyl releases, Amarrass Records will also be hosting a series of open houses where people can not just watch but experience first-hand the vinyl manufacturing process.

For more details about the open house or launch party, you can check out their event here. And read more about Amarrass on our feature about them.

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Event details:
28 April 2017: Lodi, The Garden Restaurant, 8pm - Barmer Boys, Lakha Khan and Painted Caves

Image credits [main + thumb]: Ankur Malhotra


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