Listen: ‘Mad Turf’ By Shoals

19 April 2017

Shoals are a Delhi-based duo made up of Sidharth Gupta and Utkarsh Varma. They recently released their debut EP, ‘Mad Turf’.

Gupta and Varma are primarily known for playing instruments, but this project sees them delving into new territories of electronic-based production and songwriting. ‘Gnomish’, the lead single off their EP, encapsulated their ability to produce.

Made of up 7 tracks, the EP is atmospheric, yet dark and broody.

At times, it is unrefined and made up of production that should’ve been left on the cutting floor, however, the overall EP’s sound is one of substance and shines a path on a bright future for the duo.

“It’s loner music. Our goal was to create something intimate that you could listen to on your headphones with your eyes closed. Hopefully, it will take you on a trip of self-discovery. We know it’s done that for us.” - Sidharth Gupta

Listen below to ‘Mad Turf’ and follow Shoals on Facebook and Soundcloud to stay up-to-date with their releases.

Image credit: Elizabeth Bolas



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