New Music: 'Sinking Straight' By Lacuna

15 February 2017

‘Sinking Straight’ is a 4-track EP from Delhi-based producer Mihir Raina that’s full of glitchy trip-hop and dreamy electronica. Raina released the EP under his experimental project moniker, Lacuna, which marks his first official electronica EP release.

Raina cut his teeth playing in bands around Delhi since his school days, but it’s this electronic side that’s piqued people’s interest. Lacuna’s first release was ‘Windbreath’, a glitchy, sombre take on trip-hop and electronica. Released a year ago, it showed potential but was clearly experimental and lacked polish.

What was missing on that single comes through on ‘Sinking Straight’: jazzy, upbeat trip-hop tracks. Bar the missing vocals, it’s reminiscent of Viktor Vaughn, MF Doom’s own side project. ‘Decisions’ and ‘Blisstown’, in particular, have the capacity to be the foundation on which great hip-hop singles can be made.

On ‘Decisions’, the way Raina straddles electronica and hip-hop feels unforced with vintage kick-drums smoothly fitted under a dreamy piano that floats. Though ‘Ripazha’ and ‘Sinking Straight’ sway more towards the electronica side, they never lose the rugged sizzle that marked out the first two tracks as distinctly hip-hop.

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