First All India Dub Conference Pune Announces Details & Lineup

22 November 2016

Details have just been announced for the first ever All India Dub Conference, set to take place in Pune on 27 November. The event will see two of the country’s most meticulously crafted, formidable soundsystems – Delhi Sultanate’s crowdfunded system Bass Foundation Roots and 10,000 Lions, built in Goa by an international team including Reggae Rajahs, Petah Sunday and Realoveution Hi-Fly.

Both soundsystems have been built in the last year and are tailored to do justice to the room shaking bass lines and melodies that reggae, dub, ska and dancehall are known for. We’ve been to a couple of Bass Foundation Roots shows in Delhi, and it’s absolutely massive. Pune, we recommend you don’t skip this one.

The team picked Pune because of the massive following reggae has acquired in the city, and how much the genre has developed there over the last few years with venues like the The High Spirits championing its sounds to the masses.

“This is the optimum way to experience the power of reggae music, as a sound system has the ability to generate intense bass frequencies that can vibrate bodies and objects in their immediate vicinity. Through a sound system, music becomes a collective physical experience,” says Rahul Mangal, organiser of AIDC.

AIDC will take place at outdoor venue Aishwarya Farms. Apart from the music there will also be food and drinks stalls. The event begins at 2pm on Sunday, 27 November and ends in the evening at 7pm. Tickets are available here for a fairly reasonable price.

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