First Listen: ‘Step Away’ by Saby at Kintsugi Studios

17 November 2016

Kintsugi Sessions is the new home for live musicians across India. They first popped up on our radar after a beautiful video featuring a live performance by indie-electronic musician Komorebi. Intrigued, we got in touch with the man behind the project - Abhishek Sekhri, who is also the founder of Kintsugi Studios where the sessions are performed.

“Kintsugi Sessions is a music performance video series featuring musicians and bands from around the world and the country. We aim at not just capturing a performance, but to bring you, the essence, the flavor, and the experience of listening to these artists.”

Abhishek had been dabbling in audio production for about three years now but his foray into video was more recent. He let us feature the music of a very talented singer/songwriter and musician from Jammu – Saby Singh. Here’s what Abhishek had to say: “Saby creates a vibe, a zone around him when he performs, and frankly I haven't seen a more musically expressive singer-songwriter till now. My aim as a producer was to capture that through the audio recording and the video shoot.”

Saby is the fourth act to be featured on the series with three to go. And there’s even more coming, with Abhishek already in the process of organising some exciting names for round 2 – “With the second season, we want to do that by using different lighting techniques, set design, getting visual artists on board and choosing a different location for each song.”

You can watch Saby perform for Kintsugi Sessions below and follow Kintsugi studios on Facebook for updates and Saby for more music.




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