Listen: Begum Releases New Album ‘We Are Excited’

17 October 2016

Begum’s latest album’s ‘We Are Excited’ has been one of our most eagerly anticipated releases this year (living up to its name). The three-piece band composed of PCRC’s Kartik Pillai and Karan Sigh, along with new member Tushar Mohan on bass, who replaces Kshitij Dhani (regrettably stranded in another dimension) on this album.

‘Bagh’ was an absolute delight. Its nostalgia-ridden psychedelia and 60s rock and pop influenced lo-fi riffs are as appealing as they were two years ago, hence the high expectations for ‘We Are Excited’. And for the most part, Begum’s latest lives up to those expectations.

We’re getting much of that unmistakable sound – lo-fi vox and samples, catchy, earwormy guitar riffs and thoughtful lyricism. It’s unmistakably Begum, right from opener ‘All My Friends Are Sluts’ to 12 minute long, old-skool pop and experimental abstract portmanteau track ‘Nothing On My Mind’. So like we mentioned earlier, for the most part ‘We Are Excited’ lives up to the hype, but there is a certain loss in vulnerability, in that hazy goodness (that never knew how good it really was) of the first album marked by the unassumingly brilliant flashes of relatability.

Of course - we’re positioning the new album not by the standard that others have set for Begum - it’s the standard they’ve set for themselves. But comparisons aside, ‘We Are Excited’ is still one of the loveliest releases we've heard this year from a band that continues to make some of the most charming music in the country. If you haven't heard of the band before, we strongly suggest you check them out.

Listen to the album below and support the artists by buying the album here on Bandcamp. Follow Begum on Facebook for updates and check out their website for more.

Art credit: Anpu Varkey


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