Listen: Disco Puppet Releases Sophomore EP ‘Spring’

10 October 2016

Musician and producer Disco Puppet a.k.a. Shoumik Biswas (Space Behind the Yellow Room and Monkey in Me) has just released a new EP called ‘Spring’ via Bangalore based record label Consolidate.

“Spring, Disco Puppet’s new EP is characterised by its irreverence towards the stylistic and procedural dictates of genres and their purists. This stems partly from ideology, but mostly from a tendency to get easily bored. But cerebral as his work is, he matches it with heart. His experiments, though nearly scientific in their rigour, are always essentially human. They come from a place of empathy and vulnerability, and perhaps because of this, they are surprisingly moving.” – Consolidate

Biswas’ latest was written over two years along with his ‘Weekend Sounds’ series, during which he forced himself to release over nine weekends to overcome creative blocks. There were some shining pieces of music in those nine tracks and the musician drew on that energy to create 'Spring', which contains his most mature, coherent and emotional music yet.

He says: “In 'Spring', I have tried to capture my childhood. Both with the sounds used and the feelings the songs evoke. You know how sometimes, there's a word in the pit of your stomach - you know it, but it's not really coming to you. It's like that."

Channelling that consuming lethologica through skittish percussion, typically DP wobbly vocals and swollen, encompassing melodies, Biswas doesn’t tone down the eccentricity we’ve come to love, as much as give it context in mood. There’s also a fair bit of influence, as far as we can tell, from his other, more genre-classifiable projects (Space Behind the Yellow Room and Monkey in Me) that give the EP an intensity and self-assuance we haven’t heard before.

‘Spring’ sucks you right from chiptune-meets-ambient opener ‘Untitled’, to the dark undulations and rock influenced vocals of ‘Turn Over’, to our favourite (so far) – ‘Forever Forester’ – a terrific, billowy slow burner that ends in this nostalgic and cathartic Indian-convent-school-reminiscent chorus.

Listen to ‘Spring’ below and follow Consolidate for updates and Disco Puppet on Facebook and SoundCloud for more music. Support the artist and download the album on Bandcamp.

Words: Diya Gupta


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