Listen: BRNSCTR Releases New Album ‘ARTLESS’

28 September 2016

Experimental art-hop producer BRNSCTR just released a surprise album called ‘ARTLESS’ – a follow up to his 2014 gem – the ‘King Brain Mixtape’, which we’ve pretty much played and replayed to death at this point.

Abhinav’s latest 10-track release barely adds up to 20 minutes of music in total, with most songs clocking in at under 3 minutes - a lot like its predecessor. But unlike ‘King Brain’, ‘ARTLESS’ feels a lot more deliberate, so while we’re missing some of the rawness (just a tiny bit), its melodies and all those little details and make up for it. BRNSCTR’s easygoing psychadelic sound is “POST-COOL”, feet on the table, arms behind the head defiance at its finest. Personal favourites include ‘SUITE A. WAKING UP TO THE BRIGHTEST LIGHT // FALL IN LUHH’ which sets the tone for the album and ‘SUITE C. JODOROWSKY // LESSONS OF FAITH’ – an understated but brilliant piece with an old-school (kind of Eden Ahbez-y meets Milo) tone to it.

We strongly suggest you listen. He recommends headphones (“not earphones”) for this, and we agree.

Listen below, follow on SoundCloud for updates. You can download the album at a price of your choosing here on Bandcamp.

Words: Diya Gupta
Art credit: BRNSCTR




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