Watch: A Video on The History of House Music & The TR-909

5 September 2016

Freemasons (the band) member, electronic music school Point Blank and F9 Audio founder James Wiltshire has released a new two part ‘Style Guide’ video series on Youtube which explores the history and roots of house music as well as one of the most important pieces of equipment used in that era – the Roland TR-909.

Wiltshire also gives us a little insight into how we can recreate that iconic sound in Ableton after talking at length about the genre’s landmark early records, complex history and the growth of the scene till it reached it peak.

The video is especially interesting for producers here as it should give you an insight into how a style of music that’s only becoming popular now in India first took shape.

You can watch part one of the video series below. Click here for part two.



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