Exclusive First Listen: ‘YARNS’ EP by Paraphoniks

29 August 2016

Wild City is delighted to host an exclusive first listen of ‘YARNS’ – the new EP by Mumbai duo Paraphoniks (Shatrunjai Dewan and Sid Shirodkar).

Paraphoniks (which started out as a trio) delivered us their first, purely analogue album ‘Handwired’ quite innocuously to our SoundCloud page – jumbled in with other bedroom productions and the inevitable ‘EDM’ mix that turns up once a day. Impressed, we featured them in our ‘Dropbox Talents’ section and watched as the outfit grew over the year - getting a fair bit of attention from peers and listeners in the scene and fine-tuning their live shows.

And Paraphoniks continues to evolve on ‘YARNS’. They forgo the repetitive dance beats that influenced their first album for a more synth heavy (almost chiptune reminiscent), old-skool electro-pop influenced sound that pays as much attention to melody as it does to highlighting gear. We’re glad to see them take the less is more mantra seriously, and also love their little experimentations with Daft Punk/Kanvinsky-esque vocals on ‘Blue Shift’ and ‘Frissions’.

Paraphoniks also gives us a little hint of what to expect at their album launch on 2 September at antiSOCIAL in Khar, Mumbai:

"We’ll be doing the first gig on our EP tour in 8.1 surround, and believe that this kind of setup further highlights our commitment to doing interesting things live, where we can push the boundaries of how our music is experienced." - Siddhant Shirodhkar and Shatrunjai Dewan

‘YARNS’ is available to stream exclusively on Wild City below. Follow Paraphoniks on Facebook for updates and more information, but before that, here are the tour dates:

02 September, Mumbai: antiSOCIAL
04 September, Pune: High Spirits
16 September, Chennai: The Leather Bar, The Park
30 September, New Delhi: antiSOCIAL

Image credit: Rahul Nair


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