PCRC To Release New Tracks From Back Catalogue On ‘Transmissions’ Series

20 July 2016

Delhi based gypsy/cabaret/folk stars Peter Cat Recording Co. have announced that they will be releasing a new music from their expansive back catalogue in a regular, uninterrupted compilation series titled ‘Transmissions’. The first track, called ‘Protégé’, was released this week.

PCRC and REProduce had this to say about it:

“There is a suggestion that Indian whisky is not really whisky at all, but actually a form of rum. Fermented from molasses, and depending on the brand one chooses, a percentage of malt or grain spirit is added. Drinking it suggests the potential for both a figurative and literal illusion.

The choice one faces of how one should get loaded is thus often burned with the assumption that paying more adds an imagined value. When going to a party, the typical choice of many is to bring a bottle of Blenders Pride. While this brand allegedly is distilled from grain, there’s not a real indication that this is indeed the case. The presentation is paramount, and the underlying assumption is that the more money you spend, the more value is derived.

Over years of releases and acclaimed music videos, Delhi based PCRC have established the fact that this perception is false.

As a series of uninterrupted transmissions, the band will release a track from their vast back catalogue as a sort of combination of exorcism and neverending release. Accompanying each track will be a video treatment.” - REProduce Artists

PCRC has valued ‘Protégé’ at a sum of $1000 or more on Bandcamp thereby spearheading themselves into becoming India’s finest, smoothest and oakiest(?) band. You can also listen to the song as much as you like for free below.

Check out PCRC's website and Facebook page for more music to be released regularly and on Instagram to keep track of the video accompaniments. And please, by all means, feel free to add your own IMFL analogies in the comments section.


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