First Listen: ‘Climb’ EP By Cosmic Attic

10 May 2016

Cosmic Attic is a new project by Mumbai based musician Sharath Narayan, who’s been making music with Bangalore/Kochi based alternative rock outfit Black Letters. He’s launched his solo venture with an alternative electronic EP called ‘Climb’, which he’s released as a free download on Bandcamp.

Narayan grew up listening to Phil Collins, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, Rahman, Ilayaraja and “a lot of Ghazals and Carnatic music” with family that considered music a way of life.

Expressive vocals are backed by strong alternative compositions and catchy melodies to make for one of the more interesting sounds we’ve heard in a while. The pop-influenced EP is a great first attempt at solo production and has the potential to evolve into something quite unique. We’re interested to see how it’ll translate live.

“The last couple of years have been pretty interesting for me and have changed the way I make and experience music. I was inspired by out-of-body experiences and relationships with a few important people, and wanted to make something that reflected that so I started working on a few songs. It started off instrumental, but I ended up singing on all of them.

Right now I’m exploring more, making more beats/songs so that I have a decent set. I’m new to Mumbai, and I’d love to work with a drummer and a VJ for my live set, so I’m looking forward to meeting people, doing collabs, exploring possibilities, get a music video made and start playing live.” - Cosmic Attic

You can listen to the whole thing below on SoundCloud and head over to Bandcamp to download it for free. Follow Cosmic Attic on Facebook and SoundCloud for updates and more music.

Image credits: Harsimran Basra
Album art by Aniruddh Shivakumar Menon


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