Converse Road To Rubber Tracks Reveals 2016 Winners

4 April 2016

Shillong based rock trio Dosser’s Urge have been declared the winners for the 2016 edition of Converse Road To Rubber Tracks, following Chennai based The F16s, who won last year.

The trio, composed of David Kom (guitars/vocals), Gideon Kom (drums/vocals) and Romeo Kom (bass/vocals), has been selected out of scores of bands hailing from eligible cities Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore and Guwahati. After preliminary rounds in each city, semi finals and a culminating competition at blueFROG, Mumbai against other incredible performances by Unohu (Mumbai), Space Is All We Have (Bangalore), Komorebi (Delhi) and Skylight Vision (Pune), Dosser’s Urge won the chance to record at the famed Rubber Tracks studio in Brooklyn, NY. The grand finale also featured headlining performances by The F16s and Shaa'ir + Func.

Converse Road To Rubber Tracks was created to support emerging young bands from India by providing them access to a top-level recording studio at no cost. As this year’s winners, Dosser’s Urge will not only be given the opportunity to record at the state-of–the-art studio, they will also learn from some of the most experienced producers and musicians in the city.

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Image credit: Mayur Sachade Photography


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